Immortan Joe


Immortan Joe wears a custom-made mask. The concept seems to be that the mask was made out of a human skull and horse teeth, with metal accents. Two hoses run from the mask into an bladder on his upper back.

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Immortan Joe’s armor also looks like custom-made vacuum-formed clear plastic. The armor has tan edge trim (possibly self-adhesive moleskin), and is decorated with bottle caps, modified medals, and cell phone parts. One fan believes the PC board could be from a Nokia 3100.

Armor decor:

Tiny piston. Piston from piston key chain. Can be found on eBay.


Immortan Joe wears a dark brown leather codpiece decorated with castle nuts.

Boots and Shin Guards

Immortan Joe wears lace-up boots with piston heads as toe caps. Brown leather (belly leather is best) shin guards with lots of emblems on them.

If you can 3D print, here are the emblems:


Colt Anaconda, 44 magnum (Python is similar and maybe easier to find airsoft versions)

Ceremonial Belt

During the ceremony which rains water upon the general public, Immortan Joe wears a dark brown kidney belt with the Immortan Joe emblem (made out of a motorcycle gear) on his belt.

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